With music that transports listeners to a world all its own, The Holy Knives’ sound is a portrait of the future painted with a nostalgic brush. Kody Valentine’s haunting baritone and the hypnotic synthesizers of Kyle Valentine’s future-western production create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that combines elements of 90s trip-hop, sci-fi film scores, and modern pop with sharp songwriting. The Valentine brothers, hailing from New Orleans and now living in Los Angeles, aspire to create music that is able to pull listeners in fully and never lose its grip. 

Kody and Kyle have been making music together since they were teenagers, and they have always been dedicated to one singular mission: create a sound that no one has heard before. They don’t want to be another imitation, they want to make art that they wish existed but can’t find elsewhere, whatever the stakes. 

Known for their cathartic live performances and their distinctive, defined style, The Holy Knives have cemented themselves as an act to watch in 2022. The Holy Knives recently released their new EP Where Are You Now, Golden Boy? in early October. Produced by Mike Sapone (Brand New, Oso Oso, Public Enemy), the EP is a future-noir-tinged exploration of identity, isolation, and potentials. Rife with rich synth arrangements, strings, and measured songwriting, the EP is a self-contained reality where listeners can get lost.  

The Holy Knives have toured extensively over the past few years, playing 125+ shows across the United States and Canada. Their album Year of the Black Dog peaked at #72 on the NACC charts. They have garnered praise from magazines and blogs like Rolling Stone, Nylon, Noisey, and Earmilk, and continue to record and release music that they feel could one day change the world.